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Sonoma County Approved Divorce Provider

We work directly with the Sonoma County Family Court EVERYDAY. We have the relationships and experience with the Sonoma County Court to get you the best possible results for your case. Money-Back Guarantee *Restrictions Apply.

  • Relationships and experience with the Court to FINISH your case.
  • Money-Back Guarantee *Restrictions Apply



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#1 Sonoma County Divorce Provider -Working Local in Sonoma County for 50 years.

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The Sonoma County Management Team

Legal Assistant/ Family Law Paralegal

Certified Divorce Financial Analyst/ Divorce Tax Specialist

Senior Family Law Paralegal/ Enrolled IRS Tax Preparer / Accountant

Family Law Liaison (Courts), Chief Financial Officer


What Clients Say About Us

“Troy Smith (divorce specialist) was a life saver when I was faced with divorce, custody issues, and no place to live. Sonoma County LDA has credibility and an increasing reputation as the go to Divorce Provider. The people at the courthouse know them by they’re first names.”

John Carrow

Sonoma County Resident

“Save the money, hire Sonoma County LDA. My entire divorce was done in 6 months. After I spent $12,000 on my lawyer, I finally called Sonoma County LDA, thank goodness!”

Ashley Stills

Cotati, CA

“Ben Smith, my paralegal on my case, got me full custody, spousal support, and possession of my Home from my abusive ex-husband. Words can’t express my gratitude and appreciation for the services I received”

Shannon Newberg

Santa Rosa, CA

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“my paralegal filed the legal paperwork; I got full custody, Spousal support and a restraining order. job well done, thank you.” Serena Bader

Family Law Cases are Time Sensitive. Call Now. File Tomorrow.